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We are thrilled to announce some awesome changes to the store!

You can see the main changes here but there is a more detailed breakdown below!



Process time: 3-6 weeks*

Shipping time: Approximately 1 weeks




Supergeek Designs started as one person and a sewing machine and grew to what it is today, throughout that time we have made bodysuits and costumes for thousands of people. One of the things that has happened as a result is the process time has creeped up to a level we were not happy with. For that reason we have been in contact with several companies these last few months to get some experts to help us. We are now happy to announce we have a new production partner which have decades of experience making costumes between them. Now, depending on your order it may ship from one of several places worldwide. This new partnership will result in the changes below, with many more great things to come!


The new production partner means we can offer the benefits below, with many more to come!



***PROCESS TIME IS CURRENTLY 2-8 WEEKS BUT THIS WILL RETURN TO NORMAL SHORTLY, all timings are estimates and not guarantees***

Process time: 7-28 working days*

*This does not include orders with emblems, muscle suits or custom designs, although may change in the future.


Shipping time: 3-7 working days

All orders will be shipped with Express shipping as standard, however we have customers all over the world and there are some countries which may take a little longer


***CUSTOM DESIGN ORDERS*** (designs not found on the website, TIER 1, TIER 2, TIER 3, TIER 4)

***Custom design orders are placed into a queue and are designed/made in the order in which they are placed, for this reason there is no set timeframe, We typically aim to have these design within 4 weeks and fabricated within several weeks after. However they can take longer and if you have any kind of timeframe it needs to be communicated before placing the order.***



As standard we will be offering a SUPER LYCRA as standard, we spent a long time and received many samples before we decided on this spandex. It is thicker, more durable and premium quality. Most other suppliers will charge around $30 for this upgrade but we are giving it for free!



All our designs are made in house by our designer (me, Dave), most similar websites will charge around $35-40 extra for the designs or files, we include this for free!

New designs on the website many incur extra though depending on the time taken or complexity of the design.


There will be more improvements and products coming in time!


I have discussed this with many of my amazing customers before implementing these changes, and I want to let you all know that all communications on social media and email etc will still be with me :) 



The Supergeek Team